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Month of August $149 3D VOLUMNE Special!...Natural, Sexy and Attractive Looking with Eyelash Extensions...
Services Price List:
3D Volume lash Special for $149
-- Natural set New Look .....
( 150 to 300 lashes per eye as your natural lash allow).

Designed to provide clients with the increased volume they are demanding, but in a way that does not overload and damage the natural lashes,
, 3D and 4D+ Lashes can be anywhere from three plus times the natural lashes' length and number.
nbsp;iLash Club will be amongst the first to introduce this new service in Dallas, which has so far taken US by storm.
With eyelash extensions becoming increasingly popular with brides,
we envisage volume lashes will become a must-have for brides who will look as though they are genetically blessed with amazing lashes, and not overly made up.
Classic eyelash extensions are applied one on one to the natural lashes,
and for clients who have naturally sparse or fine lashes it's not always possible to get that extreme volume.
3D and 4D lashes are superfine and incredibly light, and 3 plus lashes can be applied per natural
lash to create incredible volume on any type of eyelash. The lack of weight in the extensions also means that they are healthier
for the natural lashes, and with proper care, will generally last a lot longer than classic eyelash extensions.